your gallery

- bill 12-18-2006 4:03 pm

Oh, yeah--collectors are checking it out!
I tried to look at Your Gallery and it was taking an eternity to load.
Based on that and what I could see of the layout (tons of jpegs on the front page)--YouTube it ain't.
- tom moody 12-18-2006 7:46 pm [add a comment]

That site, which I've linked to many times and which I believe has some Disney backing, has been doing "YouTube for artists" for, like, years. What's annoying about the Vogel article is how credulous it is--it takes Saatchi's claims for the novelty of the idea at face value.
- tom moody 12-18-2006 7:53 pm [add a comment]

Paddy Johnson's comment on this article: "The Times reports on this re-title-like site five million years after it launches and fails to mention that there is no search function for artists, only an alphabetical listing."
- tom moody 12-19-2006 5:01 am [add a comment]

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