But after work began last fall on this installation, one of his most ambitious, it became increasingly more complex under Mr. Büchel’s direction; the $160,000 budget doubled; and relations between the artist and the museum degenerated into an angry standoff, according to Joseph C. Thompson, the museum’s director. Now, after months of frustration, the museum has decided to take an extraordinary step: On Saturday it will open the doors to the show anyway, without Mr. Büchel’s permission or cooperation.

- bill 5-22-2007 4:31 pm

"spider hole"..."interrogation chamber"...
Sounds like it was underwritten by the Bush administration.
- tom moody 5-22-2007 6:29 pm [add a comment]

It's a funny story of art world dysfunction but I don't entirely trust Randy.
- tom moody 5-22-2007 6:30 pm [add a comment]

T.Whid's reaction to the article.
- tom moody 5-22-2007 7:11 pm [add a comment]

the mans fuckin' with my cre-A-tivity man.
- bill 5-22-2007 8:10 pm [add a comment]

I don't really like the term clusterf*ck but this seems like such a perfect confluence of bad artistic/curatorial/journalistic intentions that it's hard to have any stand or opinion on it. Except maybe a Conradian "Exterminate all the brutes!"
- tom moody 5-22-2007 9:00 pm [add a comment]

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