if you thought decorated resin cows and donkeys as a civic activity was bad, how about these? (via AFC)
- tom moody 7-13-2007 11:26 pm

buck co is littered with resin (canal) mules. yech worst public art trend in the last 20 years. bring back bad abstraction!
- bill 7-14-2007 12:21 am [add a comment]

Whoops, I thought they were donkeys.
- tom moody 7-14-2007 1:30 am [add a comment]

eugh. I already felt bad for whales, now I feel worse.
- sally mckay 7-16-2007 10:00 pm [add a comment]

Saw a bumper sticker yesterday:

Save the Whales!
(Collect them all.)
- mark 7-30-2007 9:25 pm [add a comment]