caught looking

- bill 9-24-2007 4:18 am

OK, there's a line I'm not buying in that article.

"We line up right behind the photographer, surreptitiously watching the peeping toms who are secretly watching the couples. Voyeurism is us."

I gave a friend of mine an argument against making that assumption in one of his artist's statements. I told him that the voluntary presentation of his naked butt and other sundry private bits did not automatically implicate his audience as voyeurs. (Its just a favourite conceit that exhibitionists have.)

That said, I totally love porn that is culturally sanctioned by an art institution. I could look at a Paul McCarthy tranny photo for hours, just as if I was fresh off the farm and new in the big city.
- L.M. 9-24-2007 6:15 am [add a comment]

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