"the Bob Nickas event on November 10th will be held at the Paula Cooper Gallery at 521 West 21st Street. We hope to see you there!" Hosted by 192Books.
- b. 9-30-2009 11:05 pm

he has show that opens this friday called Cave Painting (a version was done in Berlin too)
- Skinny 9-30-2009 11:44 pm [add a comment]

Is the show at paula cooper? Or where? Too bad you can't go to the opening on Friday...
- b. 10-01-2009 12:17 am [add a comment]

Start Time: Friday, October 2, 2009 at 6:00pm
End Time: Saturday, October 31, 2009 at 6:00pm
Location: Gresham's Ghost
511 W. 26th St.

* Richard Aldrich * Lisa Beck * Varda Caivano * Sarah Crowner * Verne Dawson * Jules de Balincourt * Benjamin Degen * Jason Fox * Daniel Hesidence * Richard Hoek and John Miller * Charline Von Heyl * Jutta Koether * Michael Krebber * Elizabeth Neel * David Ratcliff * Sterling Ruby * Anja Schworer * Chris Vasell * Chuck Webster * Stanley Whitney

Gresham's Ghost is pleased to announce its third exhibition, "Cave Painting," organized by Bob Nickas, which brings together works by forty artists who are engaged with picture-making manifested within a painting practice. This show follows another with the same title that was presented in Berlin at PSM Gallery in June 2009 that evolved as a result of Nickas's research for his book, Painting Abstraction, to be published in October by Phaidon Press. The project was initiated with months of studio visits in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Berlin. Most of the artists in the exhibition are also included in the book, which aims to open up a wider sense of how abstract painting can be understood today.

- Skinny 10-01-2009 11:52 am [add a comment]

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