FINAL SHOW AT ABC NO RIO? Remember ABC No Rio, the Lower East Side collective and exhibition space that got its start by taking over a long-vacant Delancey Street storefront and mounting the "Real Estate Show" in 1980? Well, the ABC No Rio tenement at 156 Rivington Street is about to be disassembled, brick-by-brick -- to prepare the way for the construction of a new $4.5 million "green" art facility on the site. In the meantime, ABC No Rio is mounting its final building-wide exhibition, "ABC No Rio’s Ides of March," Mar. 19-Apr. 9, 2002, featuring works by 50 artists on all four floors. Participants range from Cesar Arredondo, Fabian Berenbau, Doris Cacoilo and Kevin Caplicki to Vydavy Sindikat, Carol Warner and the Z Collective -- as well a handful of the original founders, including Rebecca Howland and Alan Moore.
- bill 3-23-2010 7:26 pm

i party'd hard there w/ "the rivington scgool" back in the 80's, still have one drawing, foolishly gave away one painting to a times that remind me of party's in amsterdam same time period
- Skinny 3-24-2010 1:54 pm [add a comment]

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