Saw six very early Trisha Brown (WikiP entry) dance pieces performed yesterday at the Whitney. Intimate and clever, the dances happened literally in and among the crowd with the exception of one piece ("Walking on the Wall" 1971) where the dancers were suspended overhead dancing on the walls. The first piece ("Accumulation" 1971) was, strangely for me, a sort of deconstructed hippie dance to the entire LP version of the the Grateful Dead's Uncle John's Band. Afterwards everyone went outside for the final piece where a traffic stopping throng of gawking New Yorkers watched dancer Elizabeth Streb walk down the exterior of the building ("Man Walking Down the Side of a Building" 1970.)

The NY Times had a nice write up of the Thursday performance. Couple pictures in the comments.
- jim 10-04-2010 2:43 pm

trisha brown

trisha brown

trisha brown

- jim 10-04-2010 2:44 pm [add a comment]

breuer's whitney museum is not very well received building. ive always liked it as a celebration of materials and spacial volumes. the split slate floors rock. weird that they got into a habit of painting some of them. more data. sounds like a great location for the performances.

- bill 10-04-2010 3:24 pm [add a comment]

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