Markus Lüpertz is about to erect another sculpture in a public space, and in the past his work has been, to put it kindly, misunderstood.

- bill 10-30-2010 2:36 pm

Thanks for putting that link out...I've been reconsidering Lupertz more lately...Used to utterly hate that stuff, but as is often the case if you look more closely into someones output, can discover surprising things...The guy has done some truly incomprehensible paintings..those I like. And a lot of idiotic romantic dreck, but yeah you got to love these guys that just plug away at all cost w/ no regard for how they're perceived...Plus I think its interesting to imagine what sort of romanticism could exist today...certainly seem totally out of fashion, except in a sort of damaged manner..thats what he has done a good job at making..but this does come somewhat natural for the German. Luperz is like a return to the basic stupidity of painting after you've gone to the extremes of possibilities of Mega history-Kiefer or Cosmic visionary-Polke
Lupertz, Penck, early on these guys were painting on cardboard, and sheets, like the heroic homeless.... we need more of that confusion....Of course you may remember Bill you were in a show with ML...."Slough" Cant believe he blew off the opening....
- Michelle S 11-01-2010 2:03 pm [add a comment]

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