From David Nolan Gallery:
Steve DiBenedetto, Who Wants to Know?, closes Saturday, January 8th. Don't miss it!

VILLAGE VOICE, Dec. 22nd -
Ever watch an amusement park at night with your eyes dilated by good dope? That's how it feels to stand in front of Steve DiBenedetto's recent paintings and drawings. Much less representational than earlier efforts, the new works present complex, vaguely mechanical systems of spirals, blobs, angular constructions, and tangled tubing—all connected and glowing like neon.

When DiBenedetto's favorite subjects (octopus, helicopter, building) do occasionally make an appearance, as in Spiral, they're pretty much overwhelmed by the dream-state kaleidoscope. Yet for all the chaos of line, form, and loose brushwork, he keeps things under control with the careful placement of pinks, oranges, yellows, and greens, expertly balancing their vibrancy like a latter-day Fauvist. - Robert Shuster

- b. 1-04-2011 11:57 pm

- Skinny 1-05-2011 11:19 pm [add a comment]

Lucy and I are going to catch this before it closes. Anyone care to join us?
- steve 1-06-2011 9:56 am [add a comment]

we could saturday
- Skinny 1-06-2011 12:32 pm [add a comment]

Sounds good Mike
- steve 1-06-2011 3:48 pm [add a comment]

Great show Steve. Really like how the heloptipuses have evolved (dissolved?) to the point where they are almost gone.
- jim 1-08-2011 11:44 pm [add a comment]

  • Nice....thanks JB....
    - Michelle S 1-09-2011 6:41 am [add a comment]

awesome as usual
- steve 1-09-2011 5:32 pm [add a comment]

different steve? The work on the gallery website looks really groovy. Love all the sci-fi implications.
- sally mckay 1-09-2011 6:12 pm [add a comment]

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