Portland Art Museum

Amazing Blinky Palermo, giant one, one of the best I have even scene, pure dynomite!! Next to it was a large that's right our own Matthew McCaslin w/ Alaska 1995. Couple of the TV's were broken and the guard pointed it out and I said" I am a friend of the artist, its part of the piece, eventually it all goes dead, just like life", he said "OK".

Next floor Kenny Scharf wacky sculpture with a TV all goob'd up Scharf style and the kids are watching the cartoon and I go look at some other art and next think I know Alice hits some button and changes the imput from silent running cartoon to very noisy snowstorm. I push the buttons to get it quiet but cant figure how to get to video. No guard a round, sorry Kenny and fellow museum guests.
- Skinny 11-06-2011 1:48 am

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