The real thing R.e.Krauss
- bill 8-30-2013 10:15 pm

- tom moody 8-31-2013 2:52 am [add a comment]

Via fb!
- bill 8-31-2013 1:44 pm [add a comment]

The world's largest web-like database.
- tom moody 8-31-2013 2:13 pm [add a comment]

Think that's a Serra drawing behind RK in the 1978 Judy Olausen photo portrait?
- bill 8-31-2013 4:01 pm [add a comment]

I think that piece over her shoulder is a RS drawing. Tell tale smudging.
- bill 9-01-2013 9:32 pm [add a comment]

  • Hmmmm....not convinced Serra.....Tony Smith draw tho..... sdb
    - Michelle S 9-02-2013 1:46 am [add a comment]

  • Good call. Couldn't make a match though.
    - bill 9-02-2013 2:11 am [add a comment]

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