rip acd

- bill 10-26-2013 11:58 pm

i thought this was gonna be a link to the end of bart history.
- dave 10-27-2013 12:09 am [add a comment]

I thought you meant bay area rapid transit. Sad. Retiring her characters is a nice tribute.
- bill 10-27-2013 12:36 pm [add a comment]

Ben Davis
- bill 10-30-2013 8:11 pm [add a comment]

Ben Davis, uggh, Karl Marx Jr, still so annoying.

He closes that essay with a prediction about a world without aesthetic progress: “The institutions of the artworld — galleries, collectors, exhibitions, journalism — which are predicated upon history and hence marking what is new, will bit by bit wither away.” In fact, the opposite proved to be the case. Warhol, the great “business artist,” actually foretold the vast expansion of the visual arts sphere, to the point where people talk seriously about the “Warhol Economy.” The pluralistic art world has, it turns out, been all about the diversification of the business of art.
Journalism (for one) isn't shrinking? The only Warhol economy is the foundation money machine and I'm sorry, no one uses the phrase "Warhol Economy."
- tom moody 10-31-2013 1:08 am [add a comment]

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