Terrence McKenna's daughter......

Also co-counder of this on-line zine

She unwrapped he dad 60's/70's butterflys and photpgraphed them with the paper round them....

Bummer...On February 7, 2007, McKenna's library of rare books and personal notes was destroyed in a fire that burned offices belonging to Big Sur's Esalen Institute, which was storing the collection. An index maintained by his brother Dennis survives, though little else.

- Skinny 11-30-2013 3:36 pm

her mate

David Charne

Dave is a Senior Director with Alvarez & Marsal’s Restructuring Group in San Francisco. Much of the past 12 years he has built his career on providing operational and financial services to distressed companies with a core focus on traditional and multi-channel retailers. Professionally, he is most proud of the work done at Harry & David, where he was part of a small team awarded Turnaround of the Year, for helping to save the largest employer in Southern Oregon, preserving over 7,000 full time and seasonal jobs. After meeting the founders of GO at a bake sale, their earliest form of fundraising, he became inspired by the organization’s efforts and has helped support the team from that moment forward; becoming a Board member in 2012. He lives on Bernal Hill with his wife Klea McKenna, an artist and co-founder of In The Make, and their crazy cat Echo. His eyes are open widest when traveling, cooking or simply being surrounded by the beautiful chaos of life.

- Skinny 11-30-2013 3:52 pm [add a comment]

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