- bill 4-08-2015 11:40 am

Peters paintings are great.
- anonymous (guest) 4-08-2015 10:45 pm [add a comment]

Of course ! He posted this on FB, said he was having fun with it and that he doesn't condone using coke.
- bill 4-09-2015 7:11 am [add a comment]

The Todd L said : Peter, Peter, Peter (*sigh*) "...I do not support the use of cocaine or other harmful drugs..." - you damn well know that Baudrillard, Foucault, technology, and post-modernism are the most harmful drugs of all, and you gave all your friends a free taste and then got them hooked!

Ashley also chimed in from a Jakarta police station (!?) on cell phone claiming art fairs have replaced their art theory speak..... (technology indeed!).
- bill 4-09-2015 7:30 am [add a comment]

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