To anyone, or Tom Moody is who I thought of last night reading myself to sleep at Rocheblave. The artwork featuring a coke bottle on the page opposite the short story title page in the latest (28th?) New Yorker had me so totally holy cow wow-weeed, and for other than just the obvious salacious reasons. Who that is, the artist? Someone please feel free to scan and post, huh.
- jimlouis 5-25-2001 8:45 pm

Mel Ramos
Just keep both hands on the keyboard, OK?
- alex 5-26-2001 2:01 am [add a comment]

  • Thanks Alex, and I meant featuring ketchup bottle, not coke bottle, except I didn't mean featuring because obviously ketchup or catsup is not the focal point, of course it could be I guess--to each his own.
    - jimlouis 5-27-2001 10:39 pm [add a comment]

    • Curious though, while perusing the museum store section of Mel Ramos's web page, there is available for sale a print of the exact same model in the same pose, and same but different background, that does have the model standing behind a Coke bottle instead of ketchup bottle. Must have seen it before somewhere I guess, hence the coke/ketchup confusion. By the way somebody, could I borrow $900?
      - jimlouis 5-27-2001 11:21 pm [add a comment]

      • Um, and again let me state this is NOT about salacious ogling, but about art apreciation, about a whole hearted respect for the human form, and desert, but I think I'm all about Miss Fruit Salad now. And I regret that earlier request, that was wrong of me, please tear up that check for $900. Could you make it for $2,400 instead?
        - jimlouis 5-27-2001 11:35 pm [add a comment]

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