avant-garde psychopathology - d kuspit / https://whitehotmagazine.com/articles/garde-psychopathology-by-donald-kuspit/4011

- bill 7-29-2018 11:56 am

What do you get when you when you take Narcissis out of narcissism or pathology out of psychopathology? an m ? a psycho? I mean am I the only one that possibly clicked and read that shit, Bill? Yes. It was a pretty good overview of some popular opinions about art and celebrities.

Last time I came across a Dali in a museum I was pretty blown away; not the same blown away as by a Bacon or a Turner but still pushed across a museum room by a force of nature. Photon torpedoes: Entombed. But a plexiglass box full of styrene nodules: C’mon; tell me you reused that shit to send a lamp to your aunt and make a hampster cage for your niece. That piece was so far ahead of its time it actually actually became useful years later like the way Odysseus’ oar in the desert became a fan. I think it was Nabokov who said you can’t say “therapist” without saying “the rapist.” Everything changes but the avant-garde. Nothing lasts forever but a poetry reading.
- Frank (guest) 8-30-2018 11:55 am [add a comment]

Shouldn’t it be narcissisism? Who’s Narciss? Sounds like an explicitly uninclusive Latvian gender fluid. Like how octopus talk. Octopussums? Some kind of nacreous holography; a pusillanimous narcosis kind of thing.

- el Chapso (guest) 8-30-2018 5:16 pm [add a comment]

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