I saw the Hilma af Klint show, and it is really something, though I’m not entirely sure what.

There are some stunning works, as well as moments when I felt like I was looking at a gifted student trying on a range of modernist modes and techniques, but then had to contend with the fact that she had come to these without precedent, years and even decades before they appeared in their now familiar forms.

Since the work was mystically channeled in relative isolation it presents all sorts of conundrums; does it force a reconsideration of modern art history, or does it even have much of anything to do with art as such?

The fact that the work is not on the market also complicates its status. The family-run foundation that controls it seems to be looking at possibilities, and increased exposure like the current show may become a factor. The ideal would be to actually build the “temple” she envisioned for the main body of work. I don’t think the foundation has that kind of money, but maybe they could do a crowdfunding type of thing. Perhaps her spirit guides would contribute.  

This Guardian article is one of the more interesting things on her first page of Google results. 

- alex 1-14-2019 11:07 am

Thanks Alex. Very interesting. I still haven't gotten up there to see it but I will. 

You holding up all right with the shutdown?

- jim 1-15-2019 7:51 pm [add a comment]

Yes.....Good article ..I have to get up there an see show as well...
Also good to hear you weighing on on art related matters...
- anonymous (guest) 1-17-2019 9:50 am [add a comment]

"perhaps her spirit guides would contribute" -- yow

Good review. I liked the show more than I expected -- preferring some of the "studies" upstairs more than the big would-be show stoppers on the main floor.

- tom moody 1-17-2019 10:59 am [add a comment]

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