Charlotte Morman

" I had no difficulty being Korean in America. We were thinking in terms of numbers. This virgin land here was so big that I didn’t have a problem. I could go anywhere. I wanted to do everything. I was like an elephant in a china shop. I could break everything. I was very excited about a revolution with Charlotte Mormon and me. In Germany I was making a kind of “sexable music” and I couldn’t find in Germany an instrumentalist girl who would play nude for me. In Japan I was looking for some nude girls, but at that time, classical music was a middle class thing in Japan. So they were very prudent. So they didn’t understand what I wanted. But Charlotte Mormon was wild oats, a tough girl. So she was a very tough girl; she knew what I was trying to do. America had become a very important art country by then. America was invading Germany and France already and I needed a homeland, to homestead. When I was in New York I came here to SoHo. I lived on Canal street for almost 10 years." -NJP

Fame Exchange

- bill 7-12-2001 10:18 pm

When you find less than you expect, check the spelling.
- alex 7-16-2001 4:36 pm [add a comment]

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