This was originally a link to a now expired page six article on the Genart art show at the Puck building. (the complete article is now posted in the comments section of this thread) Curators Jon Raymond and Jay Sanders took the oppurtunity to make the whole show a prank. All but one of the artists in the show are friends of the curators using pseudonyms and made work specifically for the show, work which they would not make "in real life" Not only was the art work itself a prank, but many of the dramatic events at the opening were staged. The incedents ranged from an organized protest, to accusations of adultry and spilled drinks.
- steve 7-17-2001 12:41 am

The Post got into the spirit of it all by stating that Hillery Swank was also splattered by the pie, a complete fabrication. Jon Raymond insists that she was nowhere near the pie caper.
- steve 7-17-2001 12:45 am [add a comment]



    July 16, 2001 -- Hilary caught in pie crossfire

    OSCAR-winning actress Hilary Swank was hit with a banana cream pie [WRONG] by a man protesting anti-police paintings at a glitzy art opening. [HOAX]

    The "Boys Don't Cry" beauty was caught in the crossfire when the pastry-throwing protester hurled a creamy projectile at John Raymond, the curator of Gen Arts Summer Arts Festival, which threw a VIP cocktail party to preview its controversial [NOT] new exhibition at the Puck Building last Thursday night.

    While a startled Swank and her husband, Chad Lowe, ended up with pie mostly on their shoes [WRONG], Raymond's face was covered with the sugary slop. The tosser bolted out of the building before anyone could stop him.

    "We are excited to see that it's not just Mayor Giuliani who is so passionate about art in New York City," quipped Gen Art spokesman Robert Shuter. [LAME]

    But the small crowd of [FAKE] protesters outside the Puck Building were not in a joking mood about the offending "Police Love" series of paintings and sketches by underground artist Zelig Kurland. [PSEUDONYM]

    Kurland's paintings show cops having sex with each other, brutally beating minorities, and shooting blood out of their hands. [MISLEADING] All 15 of his works were expected to be snapped up at about $300 each before the exhibit closed. [SPECULATION]

    "The paintings are going to sell out," Shuter predicted on Friday. [SPECULATION] "Every time Gen Art has an exhibit, 85 percent of the work is sold, [SPECULATION] and of the 10 [FAKE] artists, this is the most controversial. We won't have a problem selling these paintings." [SPECULATION]

    It appears that Kurland [SPECULATION] may have helped drum up publicity for his works by circulating phony protest fliers around the city. One flier, [OBVIOUS HOAX] headlined "Pigs Are People Too!," shows a smiling pig wearing a police hat underneath a tongue-in-cheek plea to boycott the Gen Art exhibit.

    The flier sarcastically claims that cop-bashing slur "Pig" is an acronym for "Pride, Integrity, Guts." [OLD LINE FROM THE '60S]

    "Every day police officers put their lives on the line - they are the 'thin blue line' between civilization and anarchy!" the flier says. "Yet law enforcement personnel throughout the United States are harassed trying to 'protect and serve' the citizens of our nation and are spit on by the people they're protecting!"

    We can't help wonder: will Kurland turn his back on help from the NYPD, should he be unfortunate enough to be the victim of a crime? [STRETCH]

    - tom moody 7-17-2001 6:43 pm [add a comment]

    • Not only is Knurland a pseudonym, but the concept of the work was that of the curators.
      - steve 7-17-2001 9:31 pm [add a comment]

      • The Post story is terrible on so many levels. The writers suggest the fliers are fake, but they have to believe the "protest" is real, otherwise they have no story. Also, it gives them an opportunity to indulge in the kneejerk, law-and-order editorializing we've come to know and expect from the Post.

        - tom moody 7-17-2001 9:38 pm [add a comment]

- anonymous (guest) 4-05-2003 8:35 am [add a comment]

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