I saw that. Must be an automatic feature that wasnít over ridden.
- bill 3-11-2019 8:41 am

There's your show title: Bill Schwarz (disambiguation)
- alex 3-13-2019 5:38 am [ comments]

Iíll take it
- bill 3-13-2019 8:17 pm [ comments]

You wouldn’t really want it, if you think Modernism is ongoing, since ambiguity is a Modernist hallmark. Of course, today lots of folks seem to think everything is black and white. Not that there aren’t a lot of show titles that are too clever for their own good. I was once in a show called semi(op)tics; my mother, who was smarter than the average bear, looked at the invite and asked “why are they making me see the word semitics? The artists aren’t all Jewish.”

- alex 3-14-2019 7:19 am [ comments]

Itís true, there canít be ď business as usualĒ modernism after deconstruction. But, if you sustain a postminimal approach there is the possibility of having one foot in and one foot out of formalism.
- bill 3-14-2019 8:00 am [ comments]

Sounds like the hokey pokey to me.
- alex 3-14-2019 9:02 am [ comments]

Clearly. Thanks for the links.
- bill 3-14-2019 4:28 pm [ comments]

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