Hi, Michael--thanks for posting. Just for the record, I didn't say you use logos to be cool, but rather that you use logos that you think are cool, meaning likeable. As opposed to, say, Ashley Bickerton, who hates/critiques commercial culture and uses logos for very different reasons. That's my reading (or misreading?) of your work. Surely your choice of subject matter involves the pleasure principle as well as just remembering, right?
- tom moody 5-13-2003 8:33 am

ahhh, the pleasure principal. It's true, I love to paint and I paint what I want (this can be sung) I paint everyday and freak it if I do not. I just got back from Copenhagen and worked the following day. It was one of the best art experiences. the artists and people were fantastic. Lots of beautifully violent work. i was joking with them that my show was candy compared to the norm of Copenhagen. The show in Copenhagen is more image than logo. "I've made a rope of words and strangled this business!"
- Bevilacqua (guest) 5-14-2003 5:56 am [add a comment]

  • Hi Michael,
    I came across your work, Two Potato 2014, spray paint on canvas and I was wondering who the quote refers to? "You made a rope of words and strangled this business."
    I recently read read Rape of the Masters which shows how some art historians in academia have misrepresented artwork with their words.

    Is there any connection between the two? If not I'm curious to know what your work is referencing.

    - anonymous (guest) 11-12-2014 2:10 pm [add a comment] [edit]

    • Yes, those darn wordsmiths -- they ruin art every time. And painters never make anything with the idea that it might at some point be described in words. (Bevilacqua hasn't been on this page in 11 years but you never know what an artist might see in the way of internet, um, verbiage.)
      - tom moody 11-12-2014 2:57 pm [add a comment]

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