I kind of wish I'd been at the Met when the opera buffs boo-ed Robert Wilson for his Lohengrin. The set did look pretty silly. Ditto his "solo show" at the Houston CAM, where he showed metal cowboy boots and the like. (He's originally from Waco, TX.)

Philip Glass's score for the horror movie Candyman is spooky. I heard him perform solo piano pieces once. It was very...minimal.

- tom moody 3-23-2004 1:23 am

I heard about the boo-ing but opera fans can be pretty tough no? Not that I am doubting that he was not derserving...

You too can buy a Robert Wilson (Alex, see the Einstein Chair, 1976, whatdayathink?)

According to Robert Wilson's website, he is doing an installation at the Isamu Nogushi Museum when it re-opens in June 2004. I don't see the connection?

- selma 3-23-2004 1:38 am [add a comment]

i helped paint bernard tschumi's (and kate's) chelsea loft last year.
- bill 3-23-2004 1:44 am [2 comments]

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