that series on npr (93.9 2:00 wednesdays) will continue throughout the month. i kept hoping for gems of wisdom. nada. pls rant selma / let somthing good come of this.
- bill 4-01-2004 7:07 pm

How did Christopher Janney come across on npr? Last night he seemed to at least be grounded. But maybe that was just in comparison to Lynn and Spooky?
- selma 4-01-2004 7:11 pm [add a comment]

i could only keep half an ear on the radio. not john schaeffer it was "soundcheck".

"It's often said that during the 1990's, the lines between art and architecture became irrevocably blurred. Yet the cross-pollination between architecture and music is an even older and arguably richer tale. Today we're joined by musician DJ Spooky and architect Greg Lynn, who together are part of a series of forums at the Cooper Union this spring. Also, we’re joined by Justin Davidson, who is both the Pulitzer Prize-winning music critic and the architecture critic of Newsday. He sheds some light on the differing notions of preservation in architecture and classical music, and looks at music written for specific buildings by everyone from Monteverdi to Wagner and Boulez."
- bill 4-01-2004 7:35 pm [add a comment]

Thanks for the link (although I can't bare to listen) and I am glad to see the link to dj spooky's website - he only mentioned it - o I don't know - about 50 times last night! And we got free cds too.

- selma 4-01-2004 7:50 pm [add a comment]

someone mentioned morton feldmans tribute to the rothko chaple and another composers tribute to st peters in venice. ho hum.

- bill 4-01-2004 7:58 pm [add a comment]

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