from flavorpill:

Date: August 28 September 2 Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12-6P
Venue: Deitch Project at 26 Wooster Street
Box Office: 212-343-7300 Tickets: Free

Opening two days prior to the convention, this creative forum of more than 40 artists offers an alternative approach to the socio-political discourse about to be waged at the Garden and in the streets. Organized by Apsara DiQuinzio and Tina Kukielski (curators at the Whitney Museum) and hosted by Jeffrey Deitch, the show explores themes of freedom, democracy, and justice through a lively range of provocative works such as Enrique Chagoya's Poor George drawings, Taryn Simon's photograph of a judicially convicted innocent, and Dread Scott's altered NY Times contrasting the boom of war with a booming stock market. With savvy handouts from Yoko Ono, Harrell Fletcher, Paul Chan, and prankster/activists the Yes Men, The Freedom Salon speaks volumes.

Note: The exhibition continues until Sat 9.4 (daily: 12-6pm). In a related performance, the New Humans play a free show at M1 5, 52 Walker St, on Sun 8.29 (7:30pm).
- selma 8-27-2004 7:31 pm

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