I think it's partially the myth of tallent that puts me off. That we like our painters to be spontaneously gifted and genius with the skills of painted illusion (and dumb to scientific cheating).
- bill 11-27-2001 10:07 pm

Well, that's not what the conference organizers are saying. Do you think all this concern for the inception date of modernism is just a smokescreen, that what people are really upset about is that Hockney is exposing our heroes as...gasp...cheaters? That's even dumber! You could spend a day in an art school and see dozens of people with the eye/motor/spatial reasoning skills that give them the ability to render something "just like a pitcher" almost instantly. You realize something that comes that easily to so many people is just not that impressive, especially if their "pitchers" have no punch.
- tom moody 11-27-2001 10:40 pm [1 comment]

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