Well, that's not what the conference organizers are saying. Do you think all this concern for the inception date of modernism is just a smokescreen, that what people are really upset about is that Hockney is exposing our heroes as...gasp...cheaters? That's even dumber! You could spend a day in an art school and see dozens of people with the eye/motor/spatial reasoning skills that give them the ability to render something "just like a pitcher" almost instantly. You realize something that comes that easily to so many people is just not that impressive, especially if their "pitchers" have no punch.
- tom moody 11-27-2001 10:40 pm

I realise that but they and their target (wide as possible) audience seam comfortably bedded in a mythic status quo of what determines artistic tallent and yes, their attempt to reevaluate what made late 19th c. avant-garde work important is fruitless.
- bill 11-27-2001 11:04 pm [1 comment]

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