Obviously complainants are getting to write the law right now, and the panels are making a strict trademark/intellectual property analysis without weighting the free speech aspects of using domain names as a protest. The only way to get more favorable rulings would be through class actions by little guys against big guys, which won't happen soon because it isn't economical.

One positive way to look at the decision is that if you want to hit a company in its wallet, as opposed to just bitching about it, register a "____sucks.com" name and make it incur high legal bills to take over your name. That is, assuming the panels don't assess legal fees against you if you lose.

- tom moody 11-17-2001 10:45 pm

Maybe they'll just brand actions like this "economic terrorism" (microsoft has used the term lately) and then just shoot people on the spot.
- jim 11-17-2001 11:25 pm [add a comment]

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