Is there an opening? Whine & cheese? What's the Jersey way?
- alex 1-22-2002 9:36 pm

If you can find cheezier art than this let me know about it and I'll bring the wine / friday deep in the hart of jersey city, all invited, few will show, all are welcome. I'll post the path directions but I'll drive anyone over from grove st who's willing to make plans

- bill 1-23-2002 2:00 am [add a comment]

  • Ok this is me chatting up this show. The opening will be this friday ( not yat, fat no, yaf ). I hope anyone feeling intrepid will come by for some fun. 7-10 or so withfree food, beer ball etc. Starting around 9 a special reading by laurie bortz (5 pages of text from a cheezy sci-fi paperback about cryonic feminists - more details on request ) also a proformance by Marianne Nowottney on chinese harp jamming with Mark Dagley on Guitar. Dusk's Gallery reminded mark and I of the old East Village days and we are very excited to be showing. My last show was at Gibson in 1996 and I would appreciate any and every one coming out and making an evening of it. Again anyone running early can come by my house first (alex?) and I'll run you over (ouch!). Otherwise take the path train one stop past Grove street (my stop) and get out at journal square. Its a half mile walk south down Bergen Ave. one block past montgomery street and left on to Storms 3-4 doors down. Or, It's also a $4.00 cab ride from journal square. Stay for the show and If you want we can go to the Egyption reastruant (byob) w/ the hooka pipes on the way back home. I think Tom is taking off work to come by so that's one. Please anyone else contemplating going, your attendence is greatly appreciated.

    - bill 1-30-2002 3:12 am [add a comment]

    • i'm a-comin'. bringing a friend and maybe another...see you at dusk.
      - linda 1-30-2002 6:08 pm [add a comment]

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