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juror misunderstood instructions


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77 million paintings cant be wrong

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Anybody want to help further my education?

When I was in Paris I saw the Rauschenberg Combines show. These are some weird pieces, made out of unusual materials (like, say, a goat,) and my understanding was that this was seen as a pretty radical departure at the time (late 50's.)

Last Saturday night I went to MOMA, and was struck by some Miro work from the 1930's. (Would be good if I could remember the name's of some of the pieces, but alas....) To my admittedly untrained eye they seemed at least as weird and sculptural and unpainterly as the later Rauschenberg's. Ropes and parrots and hats and all sort of objects.

So I'm guessing my understanding of why Rauschenberg was so radical needs some deepening. It's not just that he used found objects in his work. But what more?

Hopefully this doesn't seem too stupid or too impossibly broad.
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thurston moore collage artist

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digital art

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