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high priced kiddie art
- linda 6-06-2011 4:40 pm [link] [3 refs] [1 comment]

the climatron 1960

- bill 6-03-2011 9:16 pm [link] [4 refs] [add a comment]

quandra gallery posters

- bill 6-02-2011 7:52 pm [link] [3 refs] [add a comment]

Put the words “psychedelic” and “art” in the same sentence and chances are most people will conjure images of groovy rock posters and fluorescent mushrooms. But a new book by art critic Ken Johnson, who writes for the New York Times, aims to broaden the scope of what constitutes psychedelic visual culture. /via afc
- bill 5-31-2011 4:44 pm [link] [4 refs] [1 comment]

$30k parrino stolen from chelsea gallery

- bill 5-26-2011 12:57 pm [link] [2 refs] [add a comment]

mars bar mural
- linda 5-18-2011 7:18 pm [link] [9 refs] [add a comment]