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Lauder has been collecting Cubist art since 1976, and half of his collection focuses on the years 1909–14, the peak of the Cubist movement. Among the treasures in the Lauder collection is Braque’s “Fruit Dish and Glass”(1912), which is the very first Cubist paper collage — known in French as papier collé — ever created. The Museum explained:

In the summer of 1912, while vacationing with Picasso in the south of France, Braque saw imitation wood-grain wallpaper in a store window. He waited until Picasso left town before buying the faux bois paper and pasting it into a still-life composition. Braque’s decision to use mechanically printed, illusionistic wallpaper to represent the texture and color of a wooden table marked a turning point in Cubism. Braque later recounted, “After having made the papier collé ["Fruit Dish and Glass"], I felt a great shock, and it was an even greater shock for Picasso when I showed it to him.”

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great show

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LA MoCA drama in GIFs:

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Soft Brillo box
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