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Kind of like these rain pieces (if that's what they are). the other stuff, not so much.

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mocking Mondrian

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The surface of One: Number 31, 1950 was puzzling. Unlike Full Fathom Five, the 1947 painting in which Pollock had embedded nails, buttons, and keys, and other objects, the inclusions in One: Number 31, 1950 (like the fly that apparently settled in the black paint and got stuck there) seem the result of chance. More curious were the areas inconsistent with Pollock’s style—fussily applied, in tiny brushstrokes. This “spurious overpainting,” as Coddington puts it, was evidently added by an enigmatic restorer whose identity remains unknown. Judging by photographs, conservators date the additions to some time between 1962 and ’68.

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THE NATIONAL EXEMPLAR    381 Broadway, Suite 201  New York, NY 10013   
Hours: Thursday thru Sunday  2-7pm

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Duchamp and game theory

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Carl Andre 1973 cottage cheese piece

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