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Gordon Onslow Ford

- bill 2-23-2015 2:18 am [link] [4 refs] [12 comments]

Geometry can be found underlying all, or nearly all, the forms in nature. One learns this from D'Arcy Thompson's book "On Growth and Form," a favorite of Tony's, and from Jay Hambidge's "Elements of Dynamic Symmetry," another favorite of his. Of course one can learn this just from observation, if one looks intently enough. No form in nature is a perfect example of the geometry it is a case of, but when you average the many examples of one form - many examples of the skeletal structure of a bird's wing, or the arrangements of leaves on a stem, or cellular or atomic forms - you get the perfection we normally ascribe to man-made geometry. Of course, all man-made geometry is natural, because we are nature.

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radical art '29-'40

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Taschen has released a titillating title called Psychedelic Sex written and compiled by Yippie co-founder and Realist publisher Paul Krassner with self-proclaimed obsessive collector, Eric Gotland. The racy retro collection is edited by Dian Hanson whose job title at Taschen appears actually to be “Sexy Book Editor.” Nice! Hanson produced a ton of men’s magazines from Juggs to Legshow between 1976 and 2001 and is also responsible for other Taschen titles like The Little Book of Big Penis and The Big Butt Book 3D, so obviously you might want to get your hands on Psychadelic Sex. The addition of Paul Krassner’s penchant for countercultural hilarity makes this kind of a must have in my humble opinion.

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simultaneous contrast

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Rothko Harvard murals

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