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brice marden cuts his paint with turpenoid natural


photo's mostly feature shots from his studio, revealing  the process importance of his studio practice. 11 new pieces around $7m ea.

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Published between 1930 and 1970, in close collaboration with Le Corbusier himself the eight volumes comprise a comprehensive record of the buildings, projects, sketchbooks, manifestos, drawings, and texts of one of the 20th century’s most influential architect.

Volumes 1-2, 4-7 edited by Willy Boesiger; Volume 1 co-edited by Oscar Stonorov, Volume 3 edited by Max Bill
Publisher: Les Éditions d’Architecture, Zurich
1708 pages

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Good evening. For Expo Chicago, Gagosian Gallery has put together the darkest, most cohesive group show I’ve ever seen in an art fair booth. (I’m told it was assembled by Andy Avini, a Gagosian director who is also an artist, which makes sense—it seems the product of an artist’s eye.) One of two entrances takes you past a tough trio of works: Cady Noland’s Mirror Device (1987) comprises a mirror with a metal bar mounted in front of it, from which descend a pistol and handcuffs; the mirror reflects the adjacent silver John Chamberlain crushed car parts sculpture, Women’s Voices (2005). Kitty-corner is a black Andy Warhol Electric Chair.

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new tendencies exhibition catalogues 1961 - 1973

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about those civil war monuments

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western flag

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