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Creativity, Digitally Remastered : Kimmelman for NYT. (I haven't had to sign in to e nyt in a longtime) "Wanna Cookie ?" - Don Rickles

- bill 3-23-2001 6:09 pm [link] [1 ref] [add a comment]

Online art in a brick and mortar museum !?

- bill 3-19-2001 9:16 pm [link] [1 comment]

Australian science fiction writer Greg Egan, author of the mind-bending tomes Permutation City and Quarantine, among others, has a home page worth checking out. In particular, I recommend the "applets gallery," where he offers some striking Op patterns based on mathematical formulas he worked out himself. One hesitates to use the term Renaissance man, but Egan appears to be completely outstanding at everything he does.
- Tom Moody 3-11-2001 5:14 am [link] [4 comments]

As noted on my page, I have recently launched a website documenting my artwork and writing. What I'm trying to do is put the work in context, through installation shots, critical texts, and discussions of the work of artists I've been showing with. Soon there will be more images from the shows, and more reviews, with accompanying pictures. I welcome all comments and feedback.

- Tom Moody 3-10-2001 7:00 pm [link] [1 ref] [add a comment]

Digital Imaging Forum is a website run by MANUAL (Ed Hill and Suzanne Bloom), who wrote for Artforum in the '80s and were early adopters of digital tools for making visual art. The site's current "feature presentation" is a nice piece of digital video by Michael Ensdorf. Windows Media Player may be necessary to run it; I'm not sure how flexible the site is re streaming.
- Tom Moody 3-03-2001 4:40 am [link] [7 refs] [1 comment]

"The 5-to-4 decision set a significant limit on the government's ability to attach strings to public money for expressive activities. For example, it will give strong ammunition to publicly subsidized art museums in disputes with government officials over the nature of the art they display, a recurring theme lately in New York City."

- bill 3-01-2001 3:41 pm [link] [add a comment]