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i gave alice girl with big chicken for christmas. alex it reminds me of the painted photos you've done, which i've always said you should do more of. we have two of yours hanging in ryley's playroom and i love them.
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- bill 12-23-2007 5:25 pm [link] [1 comment]

Just back from the John Baldessari and Alejanndro Cesarco talk at Murray Guy. They were the visual arts mentor / protege pairing in the Rolex program this past year. Baldessari seems like a really nice and very smart guy. I'll bet he's an excellent teacher. And probably really fun to hang out with. I'm jealous.

There was also an exhibit of a collaboration between the two artists showing at the same time. I really like the work. You can read a blurb here and see one of the twelve images (although because of the way Murray Guy did their website this won't be a permanent URL! Hello?)
- jim 11-11-2007 1:23 am [link] [1 ref] [add a comment]

in a global contemporary art context, how do we explain that this is not a good art idea? or even a good art idea but a bad personal choice for the artist. or am i just being too 1st world.

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- bill 10-24-2007 1:01 am [
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An Interview with architect Lebbeus Woods.
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fletcher hanks (about)

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