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At the National Gallery’s “Arcimboldo, 1526-1593: Nature and Fantasy” it’s easy enough to see why the Surrealists adopted this quirky artist (who had been more or less obscure since his death). Dalí and Magritte picked up on the uncanniness of his main conceit, building heads out of other body parts and bits of the landscape. Man Ray made a direct homage in paint to the gnarled-branch face of Arcimboldo’s “Winter.” Alfred Barr, the founding director of the Museum of Modern Art, included Arcimboldo in a 1936 show called “Fantastic Art, Dada and Surrealism.”
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Next, we move to the left-hand vertical of our [semiotic] Square "positive deixis"

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mini monet
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The Evryali Score

laurie parsons sighting
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roly prots

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July 1 - August 13, 2010
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 1, 6 - 8 pm

North Room: Michelle Segre

Michelle Segre will exhibit two new mixed media sculptures in the North Room. In an effort to strip down her work and let the materials inside emerge to play a more prominent role, Segre exposes the armatures and surfaces of her sculptures, recycling parts of old works and test pieces accumulated over time, and incorporating them within new sculptures. The results are unexpected combinations of forms which hover in the balance between spontaneity and pre-meditation. Using papier-mâché, wire, rocks, plasticene, and other simple materials, she creates gestural abstractions that are both haphazardly composed and rationally determined.

This will be Michelle Segre's third show at the gallery. Her work was recently seen in the exhibitions Slough and The Visible Vagina at David Nolan Gallery, New York.

Derek Eller Gallery is located at 615 West 27th Street, between 11th and 12th Avenues. Summer hours are Tuesday - Friday from 11am - 6pm. For further information or visuals, please contact the gallery at 212.206.6411 or visit
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