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Genet among painters

- bill 1-06-2013 2:12 am [link] [8 refs] [add a comment]

saw this in SF, did not know of it before...
This retrospective offers a revelatory, in-depth encounter with the work of Jay DeFeo (1929-1989), one of the most important and innovative artists of her generation, but one who until now has not been given her due. A quintessential San Francisco artist who rose to national prominence, DeFeo was at the center of a vibrant community of Bay Area artists, poets, and musicians in the 1950s. Although she is best known for her massive, visionary masterpiece The Rose (1958-66), DeFeo created an astoundingly diverse range of works; her unconventional approach to materials and her intensive, physical process make her a unique figure in postwar American art. Presenting close to 130 works, including collages, drawings, paintings, photographs, small sculptures, and jewelry, this definitive exhibition traces DeFeo's distinctive vision across more than four decades of art making.
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- steve 1-02-2013 6:06 am [link] [6 refs] [add a comment]

The Alphabet of the Mind Works and title by Dadamaino (Maino Eduarda Emilia, 19302004)

more images (checkers)
- bill 12-30-2012 2:50 pm [link] [5 refs] [add a comment]

Just found this June 12, 2012 NYTimes obit for graffiti artist Stay High

- steve 12-29-2012 2:11 pm [link] [9 refs] [5 comments]

Gertrude Goldschmidt Gego

Goog images / tumblr
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