STEVEN PARRINO THE NO TEXTS Launch Party at ISSUE PROJECT ROOM When:  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31 Time:  7:00 pm Where: 619 E. 6th Street (between B / C) NYC Door:  Free Please join Abaton Book Company at ISSUE Project Room October 31st, 7pm, for the launch of Steven Parrino's The No Texts. The book release party will feature an implosive performance by Parrino's band, Electrophilia. Started in 1997 as a solo project to create a resistant and uncompromised music, Electrophilia is now a duo, with Steven Parrino on bass guitar and Jutta Koether on synthesizer. Since the late 1970s, Steven Parrino has been exploring "The Death of Painting" through a number of signature gestures, most notably his mis-stretching of the monochrome canvas. While Parrino's aesthetic is directly related to the nihilism and aggression of No Wave, Punk Rock, and B-movies, it has also been heavily influenced by such varied artists as Frank Stella and Andy Warhol. With The No Texts, Parrino presents an apocalyptic wonderland of despair, compassion and humorous hopelessness. His writings and commentary from 1979 - 2003 (among them "Blow Job," "False-Face Tries To Annihilate The World" and "Toward Expanding The Post-Modern") chart a highly opinionated course through his own artistic productions, be they visual or musical. For more information call 212 598 4130 or visit   Abaton Book Company:
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