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here tristero picks up bob herberts question (to paraphrase): where is the resentment, and the anti war backlash from friends and family of the wounded and dead soldiers?

im afraid this is the usual reaction :

"Plouhar's father said Tuesday that his son only had 38 days left in Iraq. "I'm devastated, sad and proud," he told the Press. "This just makes me devoted even more to his belief that people need help in Iraq, and he felt that he was helping."

The Marine took four years off from active duty to serve as a recruiter in Flint, Mich. after donating one of his kidneys to his uncle, his father said. "We need to resolve the war," he said. "If we walk out now, my son died for nothing and that will make me mad." "
- bill 6-28-2006 9:47 pm [link] [3 comments]

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you're soaking in it.