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I'm sure everyone has heard the crap about tomorrow (8/22) being a possible "doomsday" date for the shiites. Here's an ABC news piece on this. Obviously this is a bullshit story, but what caught my eye was this passage:

August 22 was rumored by intelligence experts to be a possible date that the London plotters would blow-up passenger planes headed towards the United States, though it is not known if the suspects were Shiite extremists.
Could it really be the case that ABC doesn't know if they are Shiite or not? I know I saw interviews with friends of the alleged plotters. Didn't anybody ask about their religion? I find it hard to believe that this fact is not known. How can it be clear they are Islamic, but not be clear what kind? Doesn't seem right.

- jim 8-21-2006 11:49 pm [link] [add a comment]

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