Sorry for the Drudge link, but this guy Gravel sounds like he might be a interesting. Any of you old timers remember him?

I need somebody better than my current pick, Al Gore 2.0.
- jim 4-14-2006 12:26 am

I remember him--haven't thought about him in a while.
Eliminating the income tax puts him on the fringe, unfortunately.
Any antiwar candidate is good.
- tom moody 4-14-2006 1:09 am

"Old timers"? That is far worse than being called "sir," as in "have a nice day, sir."

Sorry, I don't remember him. I didn't pay much attention to politics during Nixon's first term. They had switched over from news reels to cartoons down at the picture show.

I hope Gravel can make some noise. Since the new media paradigm is to slavishly look to newsmakers for story lines, Gravel has the potential to get people talking about how screwed up things are. Perhaps having an outsider is the only way to get some real opposition rather than the triangulation of Hillary, Kerry and the like..

I've still got my eye on Clark, because of general election concerns. He can provide some comfort to those fear-addled Americans who need a protective daddy.

- mark 4-14-2006 3:11 am

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