the cost of this war will be measured in destroyed lives. among them are the almost one in three returning soldiers effected for life by PTSD:
Of the 505,366 troops who have left the military after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan in the past four years, 144,424 have sought health care through Veterans Affairs. Of that number, 46,571 received preliminary diagnoses of mental disorders, including 20,638 with PTSD, according to the VA.

The numbers don't capture the full scope of the nation's growing PTSD caseload, however. Many former troops seek psychological help from private practices or other sources. Neither does the number account for PTSD sufferers currently enlisted in the military.

(The Independent requested the numbers of diagnosed PTSD cases from the various military branches, but officials are either still working to meet the request or say the information is not readily available.)

- bill 4-15-2006 11:17 pm

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