bit of inside blogball. steve gilliard refers to digby as "her" in this post and has yet to address queries in his comments. slip of the keyboard?

- dave 4-21-2006 1:56 am

I saw that. It bothered me if he knows something and is letting it out that way. I think people's wish to be anonymous (in every respect) should be respected. Gilliard should know that.
- tom moody 4-21-2006 2:23 am

i thought maybe it was a slip up. im sure theres been a fair amount of communication among "top bloggers" that goes unmentioned and sometimes those pronouns have a way of interjecting themselves.

i never did find out if juan cole "outed" billmon awhile back.

and on juan cole, did you read of the efforts to keep him from taking a post at yale?
- dave 4-21-2006 3:01 am

I remember Billmon's name getting published (was it Cole?) and asked if anyone saw that. It's not like it went into common parlance after that, possibly because Billmon slowed down posting and therefore stopped being the "it" guy.

Yes, I saw that about Cole. There should be some mechanism in place for whenever anyone attempts to tar a legit Israel critic as anti-semitic that the would-be tarrer gets automatically ridiculed or exposed in some way. Don't know how you could do that--some kind of online dunking stool? Also, how much lower could David Horowitz sink in people's estimation?
- tom moody 4-21-2006 3:26 am

On the internet, no one knows everyone debates if you're a dog.
- mark 4-21-2006 8:51 am

"legit Israel critic "
- bill 4-21-2006 3:31 pm

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