looks like the worst news is that the dems fell short in a couple of senate races, and the expected numbers in the house were also somewhat less than expected so theyll be no supermajorities. most notable among them are al franken losing (at the moment) by less than 1000 votes and alaska voting for the convicted felon, the latter quite probably resulting in the govenor appointing herself the next senator from alaska. so good chance we'll be seeing alot more of sarah palin in the near future.

also that crazy bitch that cried mccarthyism (bachmann) from minnesota won which is unfortunate.
- dave 11-05-2008 4:06 pm

And Darcy Burner of WA is running slightly behind in her bid for a House seat.
- mark 11-05-2008 4:15 pm

interesting sidestory to watch: who replaces obama in the senate?
- dave 11-05-2008 4:45 pm

oregon goes blue.
- dave 11-06-2008 3:34 am

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