The Newt on Meet the Gregory:

- I am against the national establishment. My people, the average Joe and Bobbi Jo, are angry at the insiders. Just like me. We're mad as hell.

- Lobbyist? Fuck me? No, fuck you!

- I'm not establishment. Unlike Romney, I'm a populist like Reagan, not a member of the national establishment.

- Romney pointing out my ad hominem attack is a cowardly ad hominem attack.

- I am a master of the art of debate. A master, I say!

- The establishment is afraid of me, because I will challenge them. They should be worried! I'm an outsider, because I'm exactly like Reagan. Voodoo economics, motherfucker!

- The daughters of my first wife, and my third wife support me. I'm a 68 year old grandfather. Just call me Pawpaw. Besides, I'm forgiven.

- Obama loves his kids, he's a very pleasant person -- in some ways -- but he's a Jewish communist.

- mark 1-23-2012 6:45 am

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