oh, fox news

- linda 11-27-2012 2:50 am

hmmm, ricks is usually the most reliable mouthpiece for the pentagon. either he is off the reservation or else they want fox to shut the fuck up about this non-story. they even got mccain to back off.
- dave 11-27-2012 5:05 am

During the storm 1010WINS was briefly off the air and I was flipping around the dial. You could tell a wingnut station by the spoken word "Benghazi." My uneducated guess is the story was ramped down once it came out that the embassy was a spy nest and we're not supposed to talk about those.
- tom moody 11-27-2012 2:17 pm

thats seems unnecessarily byzantine. its not like fox and its ilk are doing any hard reporting. they are just trying to make political hay of the situation. and who knows what motivates mccain and his sock puppet, lindsey graham. its probably one part neocon bluster, one part personal animus for obama and his ilk. once the election was over and with the embarrassment over the petraeus scandal looming over the cia/military, i think they want to shut down the political hacks on this issue.
- dave 11-27-2012 3:25 pm

Ha ha - using Ricks to shut Fox up isn't byzantine? Where we differ, maybe, is on whether it's a non-story or a "national security issue."
- tom moody 11-27-2012 5:00 pm

well, perhaps the truth is a simple as he is a cranky old man who was on to promote his books and when pushed by the fox anchors to promote their fantasies he just decided to tell them what he really thinks of their fair and balanced approach.
- dave 11-27-2012 6:35 pm

As near as I can understand the Fox narrative, it was that the embassy was a civilian installation that Obama failed to protect and covered up because he is a wimp or secret Muslim. But if it was an actual bona fide intelligence outpost in the war on terror, that's just not fair game for right-thinking Americans to be publicly discussing. With the election over, the defense community tapped McCain and Ricks to explain this to Fox.
That would be the counter-story to the "single cranky man" theory of history.
- tom moody 11-27-2012 7:52 pm

thats just wrong on mccain. if anything he has been louder since the election up until he reversed his position over the weekend regarding susan rice's trumped up role in the aftermath of the attack. either he has been told to let it go or being confronted with his vocal support for condi rice for secretary of state after her less than stellar performance as head of the nsa prior to and after 9/11 has chastened him. i lean toward the former but what do i know. and, in fact, mccain has doubled back to his previous outraged stance after meeting with rice today.

id like to know what an "intelligence outpost in the war on terror" is exactly and on what have you read or heard that leads you to this idea? seems likely there was cia in libya . did they really need the fig leaf of diplomatic cover in a country where they just overthrew a dictator? who are they fooling?
- dave 11-27-2012 8:44 pm

I was speaking in overdramatic Fox-ese about the intelligence outpost but clearly the spooks were involved and scrubbed information about the attackers and the agency's own involvement in the debacle from the Obama talking points (see, e.g., Betrayus' testimony). The pro-Romneyoids were trying to make the attacks out to be ineffectual State/Hillary/civilian/Muslim-loving-as-usual-and-look-where-that-gets-us! It's BS on so many levels because as a warmonger Obama eats them all for lunch. As for the fig leaf, yes, Libya was a NATO action and the US is just there in a diplomatic capacity, hmm hmm. McCain is an utter fool and we wouldn't be talking about him at all if he weren't the darling of the talk shows. He's the guy who tweeted that Ghaddafi was "an interesting man."
Speaking of which, I recommend this Adam Curtis piece on how Moamar was our enemy, then our guy, then our enemy, etc going back to the dawn of time (if you haven't seen it).
- tom moody 11-28-2012 4:22 am

and then there's this.
- linda 11-29-2012 5:22 am

never been happier to see andrea mitchell and that is saying something. maddow was given 12 minutes of airtime to read tea leaves. maybe its true but i didnt find her reasoning very compelling. in fact, the whole back story about massachusetts was pointless. i could say in about 10 seconds all that was worth saying. john kerry's name was bandied about for the secretary of state position along with susan rice's. the republicans think they can win that massachusett's seat if it was vacated and they think with benghazi they can sink rice's nomination to the post.
- dave 11-29-2012 6:03 am

not terribly exciting i suppose. i like her incredulity on how blinky et al are ever more confused after each closed door information session they are in on.
- linda 11-29-2012 6:09 am

its hard not to be incredulous when faced with perfidy on a daily basis.
- dave 11-29-2012 6:20 am

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