Road trip radio:

Fox News Channel: Benghazi! Benghazi! Behghazi! IRS! Terrorists! Obamacare!

MSNBC: Bridgegate! Sandygate! Christie-motherfucking-palooza!  Jeb Bush?

CNN: Puppies! (I don't really know. Didn't listen to CNN or HLN.)

- mark 2-06-2014 3:51 pm

just read this this morning in the print magazine. its like words on a page with ink and stuff.
- dave 2-06-2014 5:27 pm

Matted wood pulp stained with pigments? What will they think of next? Nice article. The whole Benghazi thing seemed like self-parody. It's as if there's a directive from Ailes that the word must be muttered at least once every hour. Fuck context, just work the word in somewhere.

- mark 2-07-2014 5:29 am

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