explain to me why we cant vote with our phones yet?

- dave 6-23-2016 10:18 pm

no paper trail.
- anonymous (guest) 6-24-2016 7:17 am

- anonymous (guest) 6-24-2016 7:18 am

“Banks, online retailers, and other companies offering services over the Internet factor in some degree of loss as a cost of doing business online, and generally indemnify their customers against bad actors. Online voting poses a much tougher problem: lost votes are unacceptable. Online voting systems are complex, and any updates often must be separately recertified by election authorities. And unlike paper ballots, electronic votes cannot be “rolled back” or easily recounted. The twin goals of anonymity and verifiability within an online voting system are largely incompatible with current technologies.

- dave 6-24-2016 9:26 am

Hand counting paper ballots is the way to go. And not slow or inefficient if done properly. See Canada.

- jim 6-24-2016 10:08 am

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