- dave 5-25-2017 4:09 pm

did you take this?

- steve 5-29-2017 11:15 pm

yeah, i have a shoeshine stand in my living room now. really classed up the joint.
- dave 5-30-2017 2:18 am

the rhythmic sounds of the shining process inspired this (decidedly non pc) boogie woogie tune. used to be shoe shine stands in the waiting room in grand central up through the 80's. still there? so, shoe shines and trains.

- bill 5-30-2017 7:46 am

Bad link. How about this?

And yes, train stations and airports still usually have shoe shine stands, though I personally have never used one.  

- alex 5-30-2017 8:08 am

link should work. now.

- bill 5-30-2017 10:52 am

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